Connor Donovan, "Spent"

Post Author: Andre G

Connor Donovan is back with more mood music. The smooth “Spent” is a reflection on wasted time. “I spent way too long waitin’ for nothin,” he says amidst whirring, alluring synths. “I can’t take it no more, gotta get something,” he resolves on the track’s ever-relatable chorus. The 3-minute song is an ideal showcase of his vocal abilities. He shows his melodic gifts at junctures, then delves into a rapid-fire, intricate flow with incisive bars like, “life is nothing but a light jog in a small park.”
If that’s the case, Connor has been sprinting with his latest output. The rapper-producer is helping put Cambridge, MA hip-hop on the map with introspective, immersive songs like “Spent” that captures the inner-turmoil of young Millennials and generation-Zers with poetic flourish. He’s currently working on a new project, though the release date is unclear. If “Spent” is any indication, it will be worth the wait.
You can stream “Spent” below, and check it out on other digital retailers here.