Curbside Jones, "SHEEP SZN"

Post Author: Andre G

December music tends to slip through the cracks. It comes too early to be fully qualified for universal best of the year love, but tends to get lost in the shuffle by the fans and writers dying to qualify music for the new year. Before we head too far into 2017, it’s important to show love to the best of December, such as “SHEEP SZN,” the latest release by Curbside Jones.
The dynamically gifted producer-MC deems “SHEEP SZN” as “the beginning of the revolution for the sheep.” The track is dedicated to open pondering on what he perceives the world would be like if more people lived outside the confines of groupthink.
Over a soulful production consisting of chunky drums and arresting vocal samples, Curbside rhymes passionately about shifting the paradigm socially and politically. He riffs on getting gold teeth, while being aware, “that’s the same shit they identified the slaves with.” He waxes thoughtfully on the world around him, chastising conforming MCs with the biting shot, “heard if you got nothing nice to say, just add some autotune on it, talkin’ bout how you pushin’ yay, then act a coon on it.”
Sad to say, that’s the blueprint for many. As Curbside Jones ascends though, hopefully he can help change that.
You can listen to “SHEEP SZN” below.