Residuels, "I Got Mine"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Classic, New Year revenge stories.


Residuels is a Philadelphia rock outfit, unashamed of their sound. As a well-respected power trio, even Iggy Pop is a fan of lead man Justin Pittney (vocals / guitar):

“I first met Justin, working on the Stooges music for a Sailor Jerry spot. I noticed he had a great feel for our music, and I enjoyed his company and his wit, and I still do. I think Justin is a good example of someone who is solving the puzzle of how to have fun and more as a young musician today.”

Taking a break from placing the finishing touches on their forthcoming full-length album, Residuels has been debuting a handful of new songs, all from the comfort of their hometown.


In addition to some rather legendary love, “I Got Mine” is as stripped down as some earlier Tom Waits work, courting the same grit and spite one would expect. Being recorded in mono and directly to tape, Residuels channel a confidence and attractive raw power.
Their meaningful, vengeful narrative plays right into their own inspiration, energizing any listener fortunate enough to cross paths with “I Got Mine”. 4/5.


Residuels can be streamed on Spotify,  and checked in with for announcements on their Facebook.