Curren$y & The Alchemist

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Covert Coup

Remember when rappers made exaggerated claims on all the records they are dropping and we'd be holding our breath for a MF Doom & Ghostface record or Nas record produced entirely by DJ Premiere? Man, it's a fuggin' tremendous relief that we're able take the new generation of rappers at their word.

Take Curren$y, for example. He lays out a grocery list of producers and projects he's cooking up, and save for a few meals delivered later than expected, he's yet to keep our tummies from rumbling for too long. Once that record drops it's so major we forget we were ever itching to hear it.

He makes good on his word once again as Covert Coup, his collaboration record with The Alchemist drops on April 20 for free download, which is even more surprising considering his signing with Warner Bros. The major labels are finally learning to give a little back. The first leak dropped today and it's called “Ventilation”. You will be smoking sticky green by the zip to this record.

Curren$y, “Ventilation”

Covert Coup tracklist:
01. BBS
02. The Type f. Prodigy
03. Blood Sweat and Gears f. Fiend
04. Ventilation
05. Life Instructions f. Smoke DZA
06. Smoke Break
07. Double 0 7
08. Scottie Pippen f. Freddie Gibbs
09. Full Metal
10. Coming Up