Cuushe, “Twilight”

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I don't know anything about hiking, but I'm assuming that if you were to venture into nature to commune with its unruliness, among grass, dirt, and bugs alike, then you'd probably need to bring some supplies. Adding on to the already complicated task of questioning your sanity, you'd then be additionally saddled with putridly thick granola chunks and an eco-blanket that will serve you no justice when night falls and temperatures drop. Luckily, if you've done yourself the good service of carrying your iPod with you, you'd be free of any burden by supplies from an R.E.I. that you can't really afford anyway. Cuushe, an eclectic, enigmatic alt-pop singer, has a new track (and a forthcoming album that meets this first single in blissful heights) that serves as the warm blanket you've been missing on your nature treks. “Twilight” is lush, enveloping, and bright—it could light a fire for you. Cuushe comes to us from Berlin by way of Tokyo, and you can tell from the multileveled pop delight, that its covering several geographical zones, all dreamy, starry-eyed, and floating above the atmosphere.

Stay warm with Cuushe with her new record, Butterfly Case, which releases on September 23 through Flau Records.