King of Cats, “Bright Lightbulbs”

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king of cats

The beauty in a singer who really lets themselves wail is that it's a cathartic listen—when we struggle ourselves with really expressing our truest emotions, it can be refreshing and relieving to hear someone else do it through song. King of Cats' Max Levy takes “Bright Lightbulbs” to new heights with guttural, unfiltered, and oftentimes wavering vocal mawping that feels as genuine as if we walked in on the singer/songwriter putting fresh recordings to tape. The track has several sweet moments, all breakdowns into the Americana rock-and-roll genre (despite the Britishism of Levy), and it's a few shades above lo-fi in sound quality, though certainly reaches the gutter in emotion. Fortunately, that's where we can occasion to find our deepest understanding, through a man who is loosely tethered to the ground.

This track appears on a split 7″ with Ides that will release on September 9 through Reeks of Effort. Stream it below, then pick up the real deal at this link next month.