CVS at Night, “Hit and Run”

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hit and run

Straight from New York, we’re pleased to bring CVS at Night’s new song, “Hit and Run” directly to your ears.  The beginning has a twinge of a Spanish flair to it, bringing an educated, deliberate feel to the pop-ish indie music – until the chorus bursts into action, just begging to be blasted through your car stereos at 80 miles per hour.

Your Visa’s ending soon
I’m not gonna marry you
The government’s taking you away

While you were around we drank
Until the sun went blank
Until the traffic disappeared

I can’t save your life
You know you’re dead wrong
Maybe, You Hit and you Run

Hold me, Squeeze Me, Just don’t let me go
And I’m racking my brains
And I’m racking my mind
And you hit and you run
And you hit and you run…

Vocalist Mike Antonio says that “Hit and Run” is “about spending the last night with someone who you’ll never see again.”  You’ll experience this feeling – trying to soak in every moment with the lurking fear that you never want to forget the other person – within the tune’s lyrics and the lulling groove. CVS at Night effectively brings that feeling to life; goosebumps will race up and down your spine amid the shifting chords.

CVS at Night will be performing at Alphaville with Harpooner on Saturday, July 23rd.
Their debut EP will be appear later this summer.