Dan Deacon to reissue early work

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Dan Deacon Meetle Mice

Word from Dan Deacon's press agent came last Friday of some reissues in the works, this on the eve of the weekend where Dan attended Comic-Con with Francis Ford Coppola to promote the upcoming film he's scoring called TWIXT which stars Val Kilmer.

Above is “Spring”, lifted from Deacon's Silly Hat Vs. Eagle Hat. Originally written while Dan was in college and distributed at shows via CDR, Dan specifies that the composition is something he did as he was just learning how to interact with sound.

“My own face is F word” comes from Meetle Mice, which originated similarly. Dan writes, “These albums are like seeds. They sound, look and feel very different from the fruit that they've grown but they are still of the same tree.” Both Meetle Mice and Silly Hat Vs. Eagle Hat are getting the reissue treatment compliments of Carpark Records. On September 13 the label will be releasing both albums together as a double LP. In addition to vinyl, Carpark is also dubbing a limited number of each album to cassette.

Meetle Mice and Silly Hat Vs. Eagle Hat will be available September 13 via Carpark.