Dark Colour brings bedroom dance to the Midwest

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Dark Colour

Cincinnati is the last place in America one would expect glammy dance music to derive, but that's the brilliance of bedroom recordings – your friends never have to know you spend countless hours in seclusion concocting synthy anthems, testing their move propensity in the mirror.

Dark Colour is really aiming to separate himself from everything 'Natti, so removed he spelled his moniker like a Canadian. The music takes its cues from 70's disco and 80's synthrock that gave Bowie his third wave (fourth possibly?) by doing his post-Berlin thing. The first single “Don't Let It Stop” is going on our ever-growing anthem dance mixtape along with Teengirl Fantasy and Bikini. It's safe to say there's a trend a bubblin'.

But Dark Colour is not just another bedroom project for the Internet. The composer behind Dark Colour, Randall Rigdon, has plans for Dark Colour the band with Peter Muller on guitar, Rico Reyes on bass, and Josh Alsip on drums.

Dark Colour's Memories is out today.

Dark Colour, “Don't Let It Stop”