Dark Colour, “Burn It Down” (Countless Others remix)

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Cincinatti's Dark Colour continues the ongoing dialogue of digital discourse with a remix of “Burn it Down” by Countless Others. Taken from the recently released album Prisoner, this electric house is burned to the ground to reveal an inherent disco inferno of it's ignition and volition. Randall Rigdon Jr.'s single is given new realizations by Oberlin, Ohio's Sam Fisher who demolishes the song's structure with a refining fire in order to create a whole other dance discipline.

The remix begins almost where the original left off. Placing the key ingredients of “Burn it Down” in the forefront, Randall's emotion laden delivery and hazy electronic chemistry are placed on a medium butane burn in a method of clever underscoring. The original humming rushes of keys are put to a new bass sequence as a new drum and rhythm scheme is cooked up. Extra keyboard note progressions are added to the equation that take center stage and rearrange the order of the rest of the initial components. The new syntheses act like additional melodic verses that provide responses to that lyrical statements of, “I want it back again”, that allude to both an infinite and natural cycle of things; both in life and the natural regeneration and splendor of music.

Randall shares some of his thoughts and feelings about the remolding and remixing of “Burn it Down” by Countless Others, describing what occurs when a piece of audio catharsis becomes placed into different hands for new adjustments, reshapings, and discoveries:

“Burn It Down has always been significant for me, when I listen to it I always find myself in the same energy and space as when I wrote it. The rawness of it always sort of manages to slap me in the face and remind me of the spirit of everything I was going through at that time. It tends to make me really reflective while still capturing the same thoughts and feelings I have looking back.

It was Sam from Countless Others that came to me with the idea of remixing 'Burn It Down' and I was pretty taken aback when I got it back. He painted a whole another atmosphere and climate with it while channeling and reshaping that same spirit of the original track. I kind of described it as a softer, reminiscing-on-the-good-times kind of goodbye compared to the painful, longing farewell of the original, where as Sam appropriately and comically likened the mix to, 'someone aggressively ice skating out their feelings alone in the rink at night time.'

It was a really natural process to have Sam transform the track the way he did and we’re both shooting to explore the same process we found in this work for some similarly created compositions in the near future.”

Dark Colour's Prisoner is available now on Bandcamp and iTunes, courtesy of Naturalized Records.

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