Das Racist inching towards rap legitimacy

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Das Racist

Awarding a rapper a Best New Music stamp is like receiving an unlimited free lap dance card to a strip club in Toledo, OH, the favors do not translate to the rap world. But when Noah Callahan-Bever, a.k.a. NCB yo, jumps at the sight of your email in his inbox, recants his position towards irony and fist-pumps to God his regrets of blindly assuming your band sucked, well friends, that is what we refer to in “the biz” as “making it”. Congratulations to Das Racist on finally “making it” or should we say… swaaaate.

Das Racist's “Swate” just replaced “Sit Down, Man” (feat. El-P) as the realest shit they ever wrote. The Sit Down, Man mixtape and “Swate” are injecting the Das Racist image with a thuggish and ruggish demeanor formerly antonymous to the group, earning them critical praise beyond the prerecorded laugh track. It's been a smooth adjustment, welcomed even, that thankfully did not require them to give Christopher R. Weingarten a beatdown at the Santos House to improve their street cred or crowd the empty space of their songs with echoed shouts of “Fuck 2Dopeboyz”.

Das Racist, “Swate”