David Kanaga, “OGST”

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David Kanaga

Software Label just announced the release of the “OGST” by experimental composer and media artist David Kanaga. It's the original soundtrack recording by the electronic artist for an indie video game called Dyad. I guess the game is about being a sentient particle that navigates these psychedelic wormholes while busting baddies and trying to retain a grip on reality–this shit is an acidbomb of intense. Kanaga wrote an apropos soundtrack to go along with this fucked-up fantasy world, a mix of oscillating synths, heavy house beats, and ambient wails. Here’s the first shared snippet.

It sounds akin to Software head honcho Daniel Lopatin’s solo work, or at times earlier Laurel Halo. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of this release is that the liner notes include notations, synth schematics, and a bunch of other hand-written notes. As video game soundtracks are legitimized more and more as complete works—HEALTH for Max Payne, for example—this one bears at least an initial glance.

DYAD OGST is out October 29 on Software.