Daye Jack ft. DP & Denzel Curry, “Raw”

Andre G

In an era of contrivity and conformity, it’s refreshing to see an artist embrace their essence and flout it with Hip-Hop’s traditional in-your-face attitude. That’s exactly what Daye Jack did with “Raw,” a track the ascending ATLien released and dropped a video for last July. It was a standout track that helped him raise his profile—and the remix featuring DP and Denzel Curry will probably help his cause even more.

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The message of “Raw” must have particularly resonated with Curry and DP because they jumped on the remix almost a year later. On “Raw,” the three trade introspective bars over the the track’s thick bassline and blaring, echoing guitar stroke. Daye carries his verse from the original over to the new track, noting ”Jack won’t be no nigga serenading with a banjo/real reckless dude with a crew carry ammo.”

DP follows up with an equally unapologetic verse, noting he “only went to school to sell pills” and “my mama hope I abandon my cancerous ways.” Curry finishes the track off with a typically-impassioned verse calling out the medical industry and dropping a timely Shia LeBouf reference. The “Raw” remix gives the song a second life as he preps his No Data album, due this spring.

You can stream “Raw” below.

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