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Black Cat

Last week was rad times-two at The Black Cat. Tuesday was a night of the city's favorite power trios rip-roaring through the backstage.

Well, make that two thirds of our favorites. Complications caused by being too much of a guitar-shredding badass left Fell Types' Diana unable to perform (get well soon, Diana!), but fortunately her bandmate Carni Klirs' new solo set is melting sonic mountains all over the city. Before closing with a cover of This Heat's “A New Kind of Water” Carni said, “There's a new kind of community camaraderie happening around here right now, I'm really happy to be a part of it”. “We're happy about you,” yelled an adoring fan. Little is know about the evening's second act, Priests, but unconfirmed sources all suggest they are handsome, wickedly intelligent and dangerously entertaining. (Full disclosure: This is my band). Resident rabble-rousers and full-time dreamboats The Foul Swoops found their usually surly selves in an odd position with such a boisterous, eager crowd welcoming them to the stage. Can one keep foul if everyone's just so psyched on you? Perhaps. But one thing is certain: Foul or friendly, the Swoops kept 'em dancing till the very end.

As if Tuesday night wasn't enough, Sunday's benefit for Right Rides DC featured three of DC's newest excitements. Make Total Destroy has already lauded Hand Grenade Job's exquisite debut cassette– the duo's live performance proves they are re-examining what it means to be a B.O.A.(band of interest) in our city. Evidence is as follows: Hand Grenade Job performs “Ordinary Man” at the Black Cat, August 26 2012:

Queer Pressure specialize in whipsmart rhymes over boppin' beats. Rumor suggests a 4-song cassette may be in the works. Make Total Destroy is hoping hard that this is true and it will be gold. Finally, what can be explained about Coup Sauvage & The Snips that wouldn't be better said by Kristina Sauvage herself? The Haus of Sauvage has unleashed an unholy attitude of dance machine on the District of Columbia this summer. They're opening for The Make*Up at the Black Cat on September 20. Wear something flame retardant.

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