Deaf Club, Sunday/Mirrors & Moving Still/Light 7″s

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Deaf Club

The Deaf Club was a San Francisco venue on Valencia Street that catered to the first wave of punks in a social parlor held over from the 1930s that was once reserved for the hearing impaired. In contemporary Britian, Deaf Club is an abled-hearing band whose sound reaches past the ears and into the desires of the soul from the contributions of lead singer/guitarist Polly Mackey, fellow electric-axe-wielder Jac Roberts, bassist Paul Bates, and Tom Ryan's percussion. The UK weavers of day-dream-discoveries released the 7″ singles “Moving Still” and “Sunday” in 2012, and are giving them away in this exclusive 4 song self-titled EP ahead of their SXSW tour.

“Sunday” takes a hillside weekend away, skipping church to walk in the waters. “A hillside, the water's hold, don't take me home, don't take me home, within the waves, a sinking, sighing”, as the wide eyes of the chorus seek to climb every foothill and command the oceanic water's roar. “To climb with eyes so brightly, confined to mine this tightly, inside the lungs are bursting, I told the sea to follow, follow me…” The “fitting and glittering” pianos compose “Mirrors” like recollected memories and faded thoughts from months passed through the looking glass. “The pictures comfort, with equal aching, just like the mirrors, just like the paintings”. Content with resonating echoes, Polly stands with her feet at the crashing tide asking the eternal question, “when will the rising waves come to an end?”

Along with Deaf Club's ethereal craft sprung to atmospheric audio life from diary-journal-poetics; the lyrical personification of natural elements and entities exists like the group's phantom fifth member. On the single “Moving Still”, the sun, air and nightfall are given their own billing. So lately the sun it slips, sedately, watch it dip and tasting the air is thick, awaiting for night to come.” The character of night and corresponding interstellar companions are furthered explored in the gorgeous b-side, “Lights”: “The color of night again is as black as the waves that shake the rocks, oh moon don't fade to a dim, tear a hole in fabric to dance down on our skin…” Returning to the shoreline motifs of the crashing tides, the key in this song lies in the Club's ambitious, mission stating chorus. “Bigger lights are waiting for me, I want the type that hurt my eyes-a silhouette of all the science ache our dreams tonight…”

Download both singles, featuring all 4 songs here:

The Deaf Club have an EP slated for April with further releases in store through their recent partnership with Domino.