Death Grips join the Adult Swim Singles Program

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Death Grips Adult Swim

As part of Adult Swim's 2012 Summer Singles Program, Death Grips restitched a track from the cutting room floor of The Money Store. The Sacramento experimentalists make few missteps, a truly difficult feet being signed to a major label, and nixing “@deathgripz” from The Money Store was another wise decision.

Closing out the Adult Swim series, “@deathgripz” is a best served as a free single. We praised The Money Store for its militant lack of compromise. “I've Seen Footage” was a close to a pop single as it got, while still feeling like the proper dosage of cacophony we prefer in a Death Grips track. The Money Store would still be a bold and aggro-middle finger of a record with”@deathgripz” into the tracklisting, but imagine it splitting up the hit-hit-hits of Side A. Imagine it wedged between the stylized dub of “Bitch Please” and album closer “Hacker”. There is just no good place for “@deathgripz”, until now.

Death Grips, “@deathgripz”

Get “@deathgripz” and 12 other singles from artists like Liars, Elite-Gymnastics, Com Truise, and Gauntlet Hair via Adult Swim.

From what we can tell, NO LOVE DEEP WEB is still due in October.