Debut: Brute Heart, “Fever”

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Brute Heart is a three-piece from Minneapolis, MN and this song is off of their upcoming 7-inch release with Portland's M'Lady's Records. “Fever” is a moody, sharp piece. The guitar emerges out of the song in soapy bubbles that are filled with little pebbles. The pebbles pop the bubble midway between the band and you. The lyrics ring out deeply, with a tremor that is almost like Carrie Brownstein, although you can see if they decided to amplify volume over echo we'd have a much more powerful screamer on our hands. But echo it is, and when they sing 'Come on/You dreamers”, there you are, placed squarely inside of the dream, circling around the drain, pebbles falling all around you.

Brute Heart, “Fever”