Debut: Naomi Punk, “Voodoo Trust”

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Naomi Punk

“Voodoo Trust” starts out with a heavy, but undistorted, bending guitar riff, which is a familiar strategy for them, last heard on their last single, “The Spell”. The drums stick tightly to the riff, and, when they join in, so do the vocals. The Olympia, WA trio, holds their cards close to their chest throughout the song, and the listener might only realize how innately catchy it was when they are humming it later. The lyrics aren't quite intelligible, but the melody is still joyful and brushes off your shoulders and into your ears with minimal effort.

“Voodoo Trust” is the first single off the new record The Feeling, in which we see the group graduate to higher-fidelity recording, a strategy that brightens and cleans up their sound to a really positive effect. The record is out April 24 on new-ish Washington label Couple Skate, and I'm sure they will be departing on one of their massive, never-ending tours to support it soon enough.

Naomi Punk, “Voodoo Trust”