Debut: Pharaohs, “Uhh Uhh”

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Pharaohs, "Uhh Uhh" 12-inch (100% Silk/Not Not Fun)

Britt from Not Not Fun calls 'em his favorite live act in the city of Los Angeles. Pharaoh's 12-inch on that label's 100% Silk imprint is some straight acid melt that drips off the disco balls hanging from the smoggy firmament of LA's crotch. It's that legit, truly. And if you can't scent the lovely musk that this kind of steam room funk burns off in excess, you best be walking, yuppy. The 12-inch is already sold out, so you'll have to hunt out repressings or secret compartments of the internet (ahem) in order to get at the soprano sax solos on the release's other tracks.

Pharaohs, “Uhh Uhh”