Derde Verde, "Staring Into Dying Light"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

L.A. based band Derde Verde has a really fitting story regarding the background of their name. They chose their moniker after the California town of Val Verde, a rural valley town of coyotes, rolling hills, and big sky. The contrasts of these elements are a scenic sort of representation of the band’s work– bits and pieces of different subgenres, all coming together to create their unique take on alternative rock. Consisting of Dylan McKenzie (lead vocals/guitar), Jonathan Schwarz (bass/vocals) and Matthias Wagner (drums), Derde Verde is using their dynamic scenery to create stunning soundscapes.
“Staring Into Dying Light” is quaint, but firm. It gets its point across, but ensures a smooth arrival and takes extra time when needed. Mckenzie’s vocals sound otherworldly, draping themselves over melancholic guitar riffs and subdued percussion. Regarding the track, the band added, “It’s a song about the desire to stop seeing the present through the lens of the past, to move past nostalgia and into the now. Our lives work out differently than we imagine, and sometimes a part of you has to be let go in order to open yourself up to the unexpected.” The track listens like a mashup between Grizzly Bear and Beach House, taking the ethereal factors of both into strong consideration. It’s a welcomed introduction to the group, and a sign of the dreamy tunes they will continue to create.

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