Did Moby just start a hypnagogic hair metal band?

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Only sort of joking.

Hypnagogic is a big word for chillwave that means borrowing soft jazz from the 80s, if you missed that boat. This is where you could ask: “Please, is there a music movement since the grunge era that has not been described in terms that frame their sound as a post-modern pilfering of music movements of decades past?”

Let's move on to your more pressing concern: “Did we pilfer every last available scrap of musical effluvia that leaked out of the 80s?”

Finally, the answer is “most definitely.”

Cue Moby's latest exciting new endeavor, Diamondsnake, which is basically the sound of every hair metal gas face from Mötley Crüe on through Poison. If ever you turned on MTV in the 80s, or youtubed this shit, you know.

And this is the part where you call our bluff: “C'mon, this is just bros doin what bros do. We all know the lead singer of Diamondsnake is Phil Costello, who is also frontman for Bee Gees metal tribute band Tragedy.” And that's when we ask you: What could possibly be more hypna-gag-reflective than “Staying Alive” filtered through the rusty pipes of Bret Michael?

Listen to the album and parse this project here.