Dom Kennedy & Curren$y at the beach

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Dom Kennedy

There's a gang of questions to be raised from Dom Kennedy's collaboration with Curren$y entitled “Hennessy Beach” like: Where's Hennessy Beach? How come Spitta's never had Hennessy, but is on a track named after the spirit? Why wasn't this track on From The Westside With Love II or Weekend at Burnie's? Is this track going to end up somewhere besides Dom Kennedy twitter posts? What's with the toilet flushing intro?

It's a lot to ponder, but thankfully the beat courtesy of DJ Mr. Rogers – the only info we do have on “Hennessy Beach” – functions as an electric relaxation enducer, much like a chilled pour of Hennessy can do for the nerves. It is baffling a collaboration this good is circulating on the blogs as a loosie, but we're appreciative to hear it nonetheless.

Dom Kennedy & Curren$y, “Hennessy Beach”