Dom Kennedy revives Jeep music

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Dom Kennedy

It should come as no surprise that Chuck Inglish is in the lab crafting beats that homage an era in rap in which Jeep music reigned surpeme. From the KRS One “Sound Of The Police” sample to the delay effects that make the lyrics pop, Chuck's attention to detail will have you digging through your stacks to revisit those Ill All Scratch, Da King & I and Masta Ace records from the Jeep music heyday.

Dom Kennedy makes it known “New Jeep” is his track, by kicking things off proper to a point you'll be asking yourself “wait, I thought Asher Roth and Sir Michael Rocks were on this shit?” Cop this jam for the summer, take the top and doors off your Wrangler and cruise the strip to this, doing that corny-ass wave to other Jeeps.

Dom Kennedy's From The Westside, With Love II is available on iTunes now.