Doomtree's Lazerbeak goes solo

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Lazerbeak is probably most known for his production lent to the Doomtree records and P.O.S. solos that snap and tear through eardrums. The rockist influence that has propelled P.O.S.'s career into the Warp circuit is less of a misnomer when you learn that Lazerbeak is a former rockstar himself.

Starting in 8th grade Lazerbeak played in The Plastic Constellations, a band that signed to French Kiss Records and received Pitchfork praise. But when P.O.S. introduced Lazerbeak to the MPC2000XL, there was no turning back. He's transitioned into man that speaks with his hands, producing over 400 beats. His debut solo Legend Recognize Legend is breaking his silence, as its first single “Salt and Sea” features Lazerbeak's hefty croon returning to the soundscape.

He's also just dropped a tab and tribal-driven video for “Land's End,” directed by Joel Anderson.

Lazerbeak – “Land's End” from on Vimeo.

Legend Recognize Legend is out September 28 on Doomtree Records.

Lazerbeak, “Salt and Sea”