Dorval & Devereaux, “Hearing Wishes”

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Dorval & Devereaux

Two seasoned acidpop artists Crystal Dorval of White Poppy and Beau Devereaux of Samantha Glass came together on a collaborative project – Dorval & Devereaux, hailing from British Columbia and Wisconsin respectively. They started making music together in 2012, and on beloved Oakland label Moon Glyph, are finally releasing a debut self-titled album. On standout track “Hearing Wishes,” a drum machine beat on constant loop sets the pace, as a hazy shoegaze guitar dips in and out, and washes of atmospheric thickness layer on. Ghostly hymn-like vocals faintly sound off in the distance. Even a horn blows through the fog. The end of the track leaves you stranded in the middle of the forest, unsure of how you came in.

Dorval & Devereaux is out now on Moon Glyph. Stream “Hearing Wishes” below.