Doubting Thomas Cruise Control, “Lenny Bruce”

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Doubting Thomas Cruise Control, "Lenny Bruce", Remember Me John Lydon Forever

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control have been having a busy year. Already having released their split with Slushies, Moonchild/Jailface, the Fordham University-formed, Brooklyn-based band are gearing up to drop their second LP, Remember Me John Lydon Forever. Ahead of its August 14 unveiling, DTCC have shared an eight-minute beast of a single with “Lenny Bruce”.

Opening with tenderly helpless vocals and sparse, distant guitars, “Lenny Bruce” chugs forward throughout its prolonged runtime, gradually reaching raging distortion and impassioned cries without any abrupt jumps in intensity. Using Lenny Bruce’s massive insecurity and lack of support from those close to him as a parallel, DTCC’s Bobby Cardos contemplates being a bystander to friends who need to confront their addictions. Just as that thought process transforms from sad, scared paralysis to anger, so does the track. As “Lenny Bruce” unfolds, the artistic power of its length becomes apparent—it both captures the situation’s rough emotional arc and simulates Cardos’ extreme exhaustion

Remember Me John Lydon Forever is out August 14 on Fleeting Youth Records.