Downtown Boys, “Future Police”

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Downtown Boys full communism

The saxophone resurgence is in full swing with Providence anarchist sextet (saxtet?) Downtown Boys, including the cool, unassuming instrument into their very own brand of rage-jazz-infused punk. The band, who appropriately refer to themselves as a “bilingual political sax dance punk party from providence” have released a new single, “Future Police”, from their forthcoming Full Communism LP, and from the outset, it’s a wild rampage of fiery power-chord upheavals and alternating shouts between singer Victoria Ruiz and guitarist Joey L DeFrancesco, culminating in the “1-2-3-Future Police!” chorus. Tenor and alto saxes make it more than a basic punk song, as though by nature, the added texture of the woodwinds infuses some old school swing dance vibe into the chaos. It starts and stops, starts and stops, and then goes wailing into a crazy, ribald eddy of howling vocals over trilling saxophones, over a tumbling rhythm section of guitar, bass and drums.

Full Communism will be released May 4 on Don Giovanni Records.