Dre Dollasz, Green Hues 2

Post Author: Andre G

Brooklyn rapper/producer Dre Dollasz is back with Green Hues 2, the sequel to his 2014 debut project. The 14-track album is exhibit A for what the Mogul Club member does best: weave rhythmic, aspirational rhymes over subtly sophisticated production. As much as critics condemn Trap music for a perceived lack of musicality, it’s trained musicians like Dollasz who exemplify its possibilities with songs like the graceful “Hustlin Time.”
On Green Hues 2, Dollasz uses crisp 808s as his canvas and fills out the soundscape in a variety of manners. There’s songs like the soulful “What You Need,” the turn up ready “Positive Vibes,” and an all out dance excursion on album closer “FutureFunk.”
Lyrically, Dollasz is exploring the confines of his internal narrative throughout. On album opener “Beenthroughthewire” he ponders, “how many things the devil can make happen to one man,” and explores not just the weight trials but their impact in pushin him towards a more spiritually centered mindset. For awesome perspective into where he takes it, Dre quickly credits Kunta Kinte and Max B right after that line.
Dollasz is a quick-tongued linguist who loves to explore flows and dish out clever wordplay like “Precedents” that at times feels like a natural consequence of his philosophical, “everything is everything” mindset. About the project, Dollasz said the following over e-mail:
“As the sun aligns with my mind eye allowing my crown to release my Green Aura (heart) to all I just want to say thank you and don’t look to hard as to why right now my energy is just telling me to pass this vibe to the world! We achieve everything through grace!”
And the exceptional skill he showcased on Green Hues 2, which you can stream below.