Dream Affair, From Now On EP

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Dream Affair

Born in Philadelphia in 2009 via Hayden Payne (ex-Void Vision) and two friends, Dream Affair have been a radar band to watch since the release of their fantastic one-two output of the All I Want EP and the Endless Days LP.

Released when the burgeoning “Grave Wave” stream of 2009-2010 was in full drip, the band proved excellent at turning out a brand of secluded, gothic monotony complete with a noticeable, guitar-forward romanticism. Having released records for Avant! and (Detroit noise label) Nostilevo and having played support for the likes of Iceage, X-Ray Eyeballs and Merchandise, they’ve recently become the first act inked to Artificial Records, a new darker offshoot from Toronto's Hand Drawn Dracula (Little Girls, Dusted).

To mark the occasion, the band will release a new, six-song EP entitled From Now On on February 26 (digital) and April 9 (vinyl). Replacing their punkier breeders with a generally more secluded and cherished approach to the coldwave atmosphere, the six songs here showcase the band taking new steps: On lovely single-like “The Porter,” Payne and synth player Abby Echiverri play the boy-girl back and forth and on instrumental set closer, “Jasper,” they go on to remind of UK lo-fi cultists, Cleaners from Venus all drooped under midnight trenchcoats. Hear a sample with title track “From Now On” below.

Dream Affair’s From Now On is available digitally. Ordering info via Artificial can be found here.