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Maybe I am obsessing a little? Maybe I just can't help myself, but L.A. is heavy on the mind this first quarter of 2010. So prolific that this seven song digital EP from Dumbfoundead went unnoticed until this week.

A member of the Swim Team collective and Thirsty Fish with Open Mike Eagle and Pyschosiz, Dumbfoundead is part of the third generation Project Blowedians making all the noise in L.A. Most battle circuit rappers suffer when it comes to studio output, but this generation is single-handedly erasing that stereotype. His dedication to JuCo is a bit campy, but undeniably catchy – ain't that how it works? His collaboration with Nocando and Intuition on “She Don't Care (Remix)” over Lupe Fiasco's “Paris, Tokyo” beat is his finest offering of the collection. Each rapper laments over a lack of frequent flyer miles, but it's all good because they keep girls around that ain't out for the funky dividends.

Dumbfoundead's output in 2010 is not an official release, but this small collection of remixes and unreleased tracks is still worth a listen.

Download seven free songs here.

West coasters heed the dates of the Hellfyre Club tour featuring Nocando, Dumbfoudead, Intuition and Open Mike Eagle:

21. The Airliner, Los Angeles, CA
23. TBA, San Jose, CA
24. Nocturnum, Eureka, CA
25. Blue Lamp, Sacramento, CA
28. Chop Suey, Seattle, WA
29. The Clipper, Olympia, WA
30. The Someday Lounge, Portland, OR

01. TBA, Vancouver, BC
02. TBA, Spokane, WA
04. TBA, Salt Lake City, UT
06. TBA, Palm Springs, CA

Dumbfoundead, “Jam Session”

Dumbfoundead, “Junior College (I Love College Remix)”

Dumbfoundead, “She Don't Care (Paris, Tokyo Remix)” feat. Intuition and Nocando