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E. Super

Hellfyre Club's latest addition might not be a recognizable name at first glance, but individually its comprised of notorious south-LA beatmakers that put the sound behind Nocando, Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle and Dumbfoundead.

E. Super is the instrumental project of Maestroe,
Kuest1, Alwayz Prolific, and Alpha MC. Focused on crafting cosmic space funk, the debut Side A is Low End Theory ready with its heavy blip and Daft-ish robot rock. It's so ready that E. Super is performing next Wednesday at the weekly event.

“Embedded In Me” is an obvious single choice, with its instantly danceable post-punk pace. It's the longest track on a record that is meditative in its attention deficit production. E. Super are not breaking new ground in LA, but showing a proficiency in the current style – which could either bode well or be detrimental. It depends on the interest in yet another group of beat junkies on the scene. I give E. Super the thumbs up and hope my plans stick to make a pilgrimage to LET next Wednesday to see how four beatsmiths operate live.

E. Super's Side A is out July 6 on Hellfyre Club.

E. Super, “Embedded In Me”