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It was bound to happen, I'd reach an age in which the youngsters scare me. The Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All crew are a bunch of unruly L.A. teenagers that rap about rape, shoot videos with the crew sipping blended malt liquor, oxycotin pills, weed and codeine concoctions and spitting up blood. It's like watching a real life version of the movie Kids, except instead of wannabe-thug white kids that get AIDs, it's delinquent L.A. skater kids with so much true skill and potential – it's scary.

Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler The Creator are the only two records I've checked so far, but each record knocks in such a ridiculous manner that I fully intend to rape the Odd Future blog of all its music.

I've missed nihilism in my rap. The OFWGKTA don't give a flying fuck, blending horrorcore aesthetic, skate video culture and the knock of crack rap's deadliest medleys into a sound that's as screw loose as their smoothies. It's the sort of young mania – from a natural OD on hormones – that makes the OFWGKTA crew's sound untainted and raw. Tyler the Creator's immense baritone growl sounds chopped and screwed, but there's no tricks in the booth, which makes his angst sound like he's the son of Lord Have Mercy.

2Dopeboyz and Nahright done fucked up not blogging about these youngsters. Earl and Tyler hate on the bloggers quite frequently throughout both their tapes, which ultimately cheapens a few songs – let it go, youngblood. But their opinion on hanging out with Nipsey Hustle is spit-take worthy:

Some of OFWGKTA Went To Smoke With Nipsey Hustle And His Camp. Blah. This Week Was Fucking Horrible.

I don't blame them. I wouldn't be that thrilled about blazing trees with Nipsey either. Apparently Earl got sent to boot camp by ma dukes, which is no surprise considering the content his crew glamorizes. Man, parents will never understand.

Download Earl Sweatshirt's EARL here.

Download Tyler The Creator's Bastard here.