1970s Film Stock, "Birds"

Post Author: JP Basileo

The feeling of pure weightlessness is a difficult thing to procure, especially when you’re at rest. Seated in an airplane’s descent, you’re still traveling at 100+ miles per hour. However, ambient guitarist Eddie Garcia, otherwise known as 1970s Film Stock, instills the sensation of floating on his track, “Birds,” from his forthcoming Fire Talk debut, out August 11. Chiming guitar and a pensive, warbled, low resonance create a base loop that immediately blows a cool night breeze against your cheek. It’s an unfounded foundation, a sky-born landscape, as oxymoronic as this description, over which Garcia’s fingers exercise as freely as the title animal. Guitar trills and brilliant layering conjure the fluttering of wings, while slight reprieves are the resting glide, and it’s as though gravity no longer applies, to you, to everyone, to everything. Shut your eyes, and you actually feel the soothing buzz of wind passing over body and nothing matters and it’s wondrous and wonderful. Is this what the birds feel? Seems like a nice thought.