Rooftop Love Club, "Oscillate"

Rooftop Love Club‘s bio goes a little something like this:

We play rock!
We play blues!
Come in twos!
Just like socks!

And who can argue with that? (Or, more importantly, who doesn’t like socks?) This unique garage rock/blues project – expertly maintained by Jake Hock (guitars, vocals) and Jacob Weiss (drums) – hails from Toronto, and is premiering their new track with us today.
“Oscillate” definitely encompasses the rock part of their bio pretty thoroughly, with some blues undertones. It’s filled with intense guitar riffs and echo-y vocals that will hypnotize you with impressive falsetto. The vocals hit, and you’re instantly transfixed by the rough, gritty vibe that Hock weaves in to the instrumentals. And you start to identify the meaning of the word “Oscillate” from the very beginning, as the instrumentals feel as though they’re going to and fro at a relatively steady pace.
The track is attention grabbing and bold, and definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Recorded & Mixed by Dylan Frankland at Candle Recording
Mastered by Noah Mintz
Produced by Rooftop Love Club
Artwork by Ryan Abrams
“Oscillate” is available for download now. They will be playing their release show at Horse Shoe Tavern on August 18th. Keep up with the band here.