Eli Fola, “The Healer”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider
the healer

Eli Fola–a Nigerian born, Brooklyn-based DJ, producer, vocalist and saxophonist–dazzles in his latest work. His latest EP The Platform is a smooth dance work, with his song “The Healer” being a stand out track. Drawing inspiration from techno leader Jeff Mills, he’s incorporated a bass line that’s as groovy as it is modern.’The Healer’ was inspired by one of my favorite Techno DJ/Producers Jeff Mills from Detroit,” explains Eli. “I have been following his work for a while now. While working on my EP I wanted to make a sound that is very futuristic and somewhat different from the rest of the tracks and I think ‘The Healer’ is a perfect example of that.”We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the music video, and the creativity involved in it is fitting of the art Eli has put forth in the song.

“The video was made by a French artist named Maxime Hacquard,” elaborates Eli. “I saw his work through Instagram and reached out to him to make my video, so the creation of the video was basically done online, I never met him before. I just gave him my ideas, and we work like that.”

The video takes place in space, and it will take you on a stunning visual journey you won’t want to come back from.

The Platform is available now.