Eli Raybon, "Computer, Don't Kill Me"

What can you say? Sometimes you stumble upon a young, prodigious talent and immediately see the potential. Such is the case with the LA-based Eli Raybon who has managed to craft an impressive amount of ear-perking releases all before officially exiting his teenage years.
2017 has proven to be Raybon’s most fruitful to date with an EP, Green, and multiple singles already in his rearview. Most recently, Raybon dropped the “Computer, Don’t Kill Me” single which finds the artist diving further into new wave balladry as whirring electronic elements sets up a mourful croon.
“I was finishing some mixes for Green and my computer kept freezing, making an unpleasant grinding noise. I realized how much pressure I put on it every day, and how I always expect it to just deal with the workload. It got me thinking: What if it gets sick of dealing with all of it and decided to kill me?
As soon as the phrase ‘Computer, Don’t Kill Me’ came into my head, I knew I had a song. The personification of the computer is a little absurd, but the song is still genuine and perhaps a little tragic.”
Stream Eli Raybon’s “Computer, Don’t Kill Me” below and be sure to follow him here for more.