Ellie Herring's Laced Mix

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Ellie Herring

Ellie Herring graced our radar last year with a Social Studies remix that altered the storyline of the original through clever re-arrangements of the vocals, but she's been an ambient mastermind since her 2011 debut Flailing In Attraction on RACECAR. Her ghostly presence on her debut's album cover reflects her intuition towards haunted vibes, which she furthers with her contribution to our Friday Night series with the Laced mix. A native of Lexington, KY, Herring is working on an EP entitled Kite Day due in March. She included her collaboration with Fleece, “Facing Planes” as a teaser to the EP.

Clocking it at 46-minutes, Laced displays Herring's range, as she's as much a fan of the highly-blogged LAist abstractions of D33J or Groundislava, as deeper cuts from the ambient artists like Djrum. What's most impressive in her mix, is the shifts in mood that are reflective of the narrative she envisions of a lover with an important matter to address in an hour. Laced is aggitated, contemplative, and arrested in its expressive movements.

Ellie explains Laced:

I've been listening to (& creating) more abstract beats and shuffled grooves, stuff like D33J's remix of Shlohmo's “The Way You Do”. It's off kilter just enough and still remains heavy hearted for me. Kuedo's “Whisper Fate” is the same. There's some kind of comfort in that chaos that I'm hooked on.

If you knew you were supposed to meet someone at 4AM on a Friday, to tell them for the first time that you loved them, but left at 3AM to walk around in the cold rain because you were so nervous and freaked out… the Laced mix would soundtrack that hour long journey. The bounce around from confidence back to retreat to relief or maybe talking yourself out of it altogether.

Laced Mix Tracklisting:
Edamame – Silhouette
Seekae – Blood Bank
Ellie Herring & Fleece – Facing Planes
Teebs – While You Dooooo (Extended Mix)
Cid Rim – A Fall Four Two
Tokimonsta – Bright Shadows
Groundislava – Cool Party
Kuedo – Whisper
Lapalux – Quartz
Shlohmo – The Way You Do (D33J Remix)
Oriol – Lw
Djrum – The Darkest Hour Just Before Dawn