Ellie Herring remixes Edamame’s “Happened”

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Chicago producer Edamame might live among a city known for its experimental noise scene and the hyper kinetic footwork scene, he might live among harsh weather systems that produce violent winds and crippling snow falls, but through his downtempo production he seems unfazed. Oddly enough, Ellie Herring’s remix to “Happened” off Edamame’s recently released Periderm restores the urban grind by cranking the RPMs.

Edamame’s “Happened” is license to bliss, soothed by the droning low end and synth levels that massage rather than incite anxiety. Even in its name, “Happened”, the impression is felt that Edamame acknowledges ceremoniously and then moves on. The harmonious mentality further illustrated in song titles like “Birdsongs”, “Sanguine”, and “Leveled”. Ellie Herring’s bliss on the “Happened Remix” is candy-colored and stays out all night. The meditative salve of the original is fleeting in the ambient bridges she employs to delve deeper into the happy house of the 4 a.m. scene. There’s still harmony and birdsongs to her remix, but they are accompanied by tinnitus while greeting the sunrise on the walk home.

Edamame’s Periderm is available now for free download.