ELOS, “Not The Best” (feat. milo & Busdriver)

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Busdriver and milo work counterintuitively to the rapper paradigm. They’ve dabbled in honesty and now it’s on to being humble on the ELOS-produced “Not The Best”.

Taken from ELOS’ forthcoming Limit Break cassette, “Not The Best” purports that neither milo nor Busdriver are the best rapper over sluggish chimes and dripping bpms (think of the M as molasses).  ELOS’ hallucinatory ketamine thump sounds like a bad trip in a baby’s crib, trying to curb the fear to the sound of a low-battery mobile overhead. Meanwhile, milo and Busdriver politic with prescience about their lesser station. For milo its got him seeking employment alternatives in sectors as niche as art rap, like farming mung beans. Whereas, Busdriver just wants to remain off the radar of Bilderbergs and dark money bridge clubs. He will not be joining Jay Z in the illuminati.

ELOS’ Limit Break is out February 19 on Dome of Doom.