Emily Reo's Witch Mtn cassette

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emily reo

Emily Reo is a straight-up casiophile.

The first thing I noted when meeting the Florida-based songwriter was that the second I pulled my casio out of a bag, her eyes were locked to it. What model is it? Could she see the samples? No surprise that her spare and haunting melodies rest on the vintage oom-pahs and organ drolls of a late 80s model.

Emily Reo's Witch Mtn cassette is out today on Breakfast of Champs Records. (You can buy it here.) The label has made two of the tracks available for sharing, including a collaboration between Reo and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Emily Reo, “Blue Canoe”

Emily Reo, “Witch Mtn Pt. 2” (With Philip Seymour Hoffman)