Ende Tymes 2012 announces line-up

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Not much more to say about this other than that I am very excited to see who is playing at this year's Ende Tymes Festival. Last year's fest, at the dearly-departed Silent Barn, was a packed, hot-as-hell, freaky-deaky noise scene and this year's festival promises to be the same, including bringing back a lot of my personal favorite acts from last year. For instance: I hadn't heard of the magnificent original gangster of drone tone Phill Niblock until he played Ende Tymes last year; during that show we determined that he was probably the oldest person to ever play Silent Barn. Since his amazing and mindblowing performance there, he has been bringing his multi-layered analog tones to many new audiences, including performing at Neon Marshmallow Festival in Brooklyn and Roulette's new space. Another returning favorite: Mike Shiflet, who's release on NNA Tapes was one of our favorites from that label, and who very rarely comes to New York unless apparently Ende Tymes Festival Coordinator Bob Bellerue asks him to.

Here's the full line-up. What hasn't been announced yet: the artists performing at the festival's experimental film portion, which takes place at Outpost Artist Resources in Queens.

Cheapmachines (UK)
Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya (NY)
Joseph Hammer (CA)
Thomas Dimuzio (CA)
R. Jencks (CA)
Telecult Powers (NY/LA)
Sickness (CT)
Goat (TX)
Zaimph (NY)
Mike Shiflet (OH)
Maria Chavez (NY)
Hyena Hive (QUE)
+DOG+ (CA)
Fatale (IL)
Andrew Coltrane (MI)
work/death (RI)
Skin Graft (OH)
Mesa Ritual (NM)
Husere Grav (TX)
Terrors (MD)
Paranoid Time (MI)
Tar Pit (MI)
Jeff Carey (MD)
Cory O'Brien (DC)
Nonhorse (NY)
Grasshopper (NY)
Beer Damage (NY)
Lussuria (NY)
Chaos Majick (NY)
Narcissister (NY)
Greg Fox (NY)
Isa Christ (NY)
Diablo (NY)