Euglossine, Side B of Dance District


MJ MJ Records latest release Euglossine, an experimental EDM project from Tristan Whitehill, functions as a counter weight to the pummeling, punishing culture of heavy drops, dark pitch-corrected vocalizations, and over-sexualized bass obsessions. Whitehill, a former Gainseville, FL native with ties to Levek and progressive hip hop group MSNRA, sought whimsy in Dance District, which is precisely the serving on b-side opener “Honey Fortress / Hexagonal Tunnel”.

As Euglossine, Whitehill constructs synth-excursions that meddle in midi and glitch, but in a transformative manner that teleports the listener to lands of fantasy, pick your preference Zelda or Final Fantasy. If the A-side can be seen as art gallery-ready, the b-side is fit for venues far nerdier, like say an Anime-convention. The b-side of Dance District is in deep concentration. Euglossine does not shy entirely from the almighty warble, it's kept in the arsenal of his IDM compositions just like we're told there's Romantic-era chords present, but Whitehill's constructs do not sound as though they're intent is to be seen as the Schumann of modern electronica.

Euglossine's Dance District is out September 10 on MJ MJ.