J Boxer, “Be Free”

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j boxer

A musician in many other New York DIY staples, J Boxer has set out on his own to release the Friendsongs EP, a seven-songer that was put together from the lyrics of Boxer's friends. It pays tribute to the people he's close to, and with bands like Fiasco, Butter The Children, and Bluffing, his friends have always had a lot of great things to say. This track, “Be Free”, was written by Boxer's girlfriend's 10-year-old sister, Ani, and though the lyrics are muddled below the garagey surface, it is bass-heavy and has a Weezer influence that makes it an easy listen, vocals or not. If you're eager to hear what Ani has to say, we've pasted the lyrics below. Tune in through to the magnificent solo toward the end of the track, and let J Boxer and Ani tell you how to be free.

The Friendsongs EP releases next week and was recorded at the esteemed Silent Barn.

“i know there's a place where there is freedom/i know there's a place where we can go/look into the bright eyes/and see the sun rise/look at me because i know a place where we can be free/look into your heart and we'll never be apart when we're free/look into the bright eye of the midnight dream/pretty soon it's spring/get into your head/stop hiding in your bed/it's time to get ready for your new life/it's gonna be better (and free)/you're gonna love it too