Exorcising with Zackey Force Funk of Demon Queen

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Demon Queen

Demon Queen tap into that recess of your skull reserving memories of hiding metal tapes with razor-like fonts in desk drawers and under beds in hopes your parents wouldn't snoop through your stash. But that kid didn't have the testicular fortitude to defend Prince or Zapp in front of his longhair peers. As Demon Queen, a Tuscon-crooner who rolls with tattoo artists and rappers in the Machina Muerte crew and a Pennsylvania hippy with a predeliction for grimey hip hop production are forming a cult to worship those formerly polar scenes. Demon Queen's Exorcise Tape is equal doses of Hail Satan, sipping lamb's blood from chalices and lowriders in three wheel motion, cruising away from a freshly tagged wall.

When Zackey Force Funk sent over his mix, lifted from a set he recently rocked at the Echoplex, he had only to offer assurance that the “style and styles can't be fucked with”. Heavy on the more bounce, ZFF is a man of his word. His mix hints towards one of the likely sources of his friendship with Tobacco – a fondness for synthesizer funk. Heavy on the P-funk, Zackey has a digger's ear for the 70s genre indebted to George Clinton, Zapp & Troutman, Eddie Hazel, and Bootsy Collins.

Demon Queen's Exorcise Tape is out now on Rad Cult.