Falcons flipping the trap's fallen stars

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It's a curious situation to consider the impact of artists like 2 Chainz and Riff Raff versus the orginator of their styles, which we're convinced is none other than Young Dro. Much like Potholes In My Blog, we recall the days of Dro being on the precipice of blowing up only to have it swept from under him either due to the arrests of his homie T.I. or from the lack of patience within the music industry. None of this really seems like Dro's fault, considering he continues to release mixtapes that go unreported – even by us (we last talked about him a year and a day ago).

The production duo of Falcons, consisting of Tight Mike and KayleoStocko, will not allow Dro to go quietly into the depths of trap music's street level peddlers. They've got a remix of Dro's “Shoulder Lean” with plenty of smoke effects, both of the machine and exhaled nature, that sound like the sort of production that could revive Dro's music into the current status of cloud rap. Basically, let's get a gangload of Falcons beats sent to the ATL and facilitate this revival.

For further revival, below is what happens when Project Pat is reanimated. It's trippy without having to announce it 20 times in three minutes.