Falqo’s “Someday” Brings Summertime to That Heartbreak

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Imagine: You’re sitting on a beach, somewhere in Miami. You’re 100% people watching, and the vibrant colors of the waves and skin in itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bikinis almost burn your eyes. Someone comes up to you and hands you an icy, bright yellow beverage with an umbrella in it. Every step you take on the beach that day is in slow motion, hair whipping behind you as you rock the boardwalk in your new shades.

That’s the vibe “Someday”–Sydney-based producer Falqo’s latest release–gives off. Falqo has teamed up with the ever-talented Wild & Free to create the summer’s feel-good anthem, though the lyrics might suggest otherwise. The song was written in the direct aftermath of Falqo running into–and catching up with–his ex-girlfriend. “Someday he’s gonna break your heart, take it all away/Someday he’s gonna leave you in the dust, mark my words” are some of the poignant lyrics that make this song almost a downer.

But they also talk about dancing. Plus, it’s so damn catchy.

“Someday” is now available to stream and download.