Faux Ferocious, “Feeding Frenzy”

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We’ve got the premiere of “Feeding Frenzy” from Faux Ferocious, the rock foursome out of Nashville, TN. While “Feeding Frenzy” may not have any of the traditional trappings of tunes coming out of Music City USA, it nevertheless trades in a timeless cool not unlike the city itself. Perhaps timeless in the vein of leather jackets and motorcycles instead of honky tonks or ten gallon hats, but still timeless nonetheless.

The song opens with a gritty, driving guitar and pulsating tones that transport the listener into a subterranean world of rock and roll. The harmonized vocals of Jonathan Phillips and Terry Kane and on point rhythm section of Dylan Palmer and Reid Cummings give the song space to meander into an effortless solo here, a classic bridge there, while always grinding forward. The song nears its climax with the thrilling aplomb of the finest of 80’s action films: tension and adrenaline building and building as the band and listener ascend to greater and greater heights for one final showdown.

“Feeding Frenzy” is the first single from Faux Ferocious’ “Cloning the Rubicon” which drops October 21 on Striped Light Records. You can follow Faux Ferocious on Facebook, Twitter,  and Bandcamp. You can also check out Faux Ferocious on the following dates of their Fall Tour with Natural Child: