Favors is 20,000 post-break-up

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20,000 were all the rave in Sacramento throughout 2008 and early 2009. But, a show hiatus over the summer resulted in a band/relationship break-up. Favors is David carrying on with electro-pop, even if it pains him to make it without Meg.

The heart break is tangible in Favors, but nothing eases the tension like blippy sweet tooth synths and polyrhythmic drums. David introduced Favors with a self-titled digital EP back in early fall. Sonically there's little dissociation in David's former project and his new one. Favors wants to be as party-time as 20,000, but we're never encouraged to “have sex, make money, do drugs, make friends and discover new plants and animals” like “Charles Darwin” once advocated. It's all shitty nights and “thank god the weekend's over” relief for Favors as he relates downtrodden sentiments like “I think the reason for / me drinking more is losing faith in you.”

Tonight we debut the follow-up digital EP entitled Totem Pull. Writing began in September as Totem Pull is Favors' attempt at a transition album; getting passed the lameness of a bummer summer. We cannot help but agree that a great way to get over a break up is to listen to a dickton of Lou Reed, which is why we're totally digging “Things That I Gave Up.”

Favors is available for free download here and here.

Favors, “Guys”

Favors, “Things That I Gave Up”

Favors, “The Weekend”

Favors, “The Bummer Years”