Fielded's Southpaw Diva Mix

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Lindsay Powell describes her Fielded solo project as post-apocalyptic pop. Rightfully so, her operatic mode is like Kate Bush decked out in the attire of Joan of Arc, leading the charge against whoever dares challenge her in the wasteland turf she's claimed. Powell has a small army on her sophomore album, Ninety Thirty Thirty, as she opened up the production to collaborators to shape the texture beneath her battle cries.

Given her latest album and past as a member of Ga'an, one might conclude Lindsay Powell is one intense chic. It's easy to assume trepedation towards those experimental Chicagoans, since the music that comes from their drone and prog scenes delivers a stern wallop. Though for her offering to our Friday Night series, Powell escapes to her happy place, where her spirit animal is Marnie the Weird Vibes dog. She wedges Burial between the 60's soul of Gloria Ann Taylor and the cumbia of Celia Cruz and why the hell not. It's the Friday before a holiday weekend. Joan of Arc has traded in her sword for a mojito, her armor for a linen and has her feet kicked up. If She gets a few more of those mojitos polished off, best believe she's putting on some Salt-N-Pepa.

Fielded's Ninety Thirty Thirty is out now on Captcha.

Southpaw Diva Mix:
01 Gloria Ann Taylor: Deep Inside of You
02 Burial: Endorphin
03 Celia Cruz & Willie Colón: Barimbau
04 ENIGMA: Turn Around
05 War: Four Cornered Room
06 Garbage: #1 Crush
07 Salt-n-Pepa: None of Your Business
08 Yello: Bimbo
09 Mitch Hedburg Beret Interlude
10 Secret Chiefs 3: Hagia Sophia
11 Fred Neil: The Dolphins
12 En Vogue: Yesterday
13 Patti Smith: Privilege (Set Me Free)
14 'The Fifth Element' Soundtrack: Diva Dance
15 Betty Davis: He Was a Big Freak
16 Pete Shelley: Homosapien
17 Mitch Hedburg Dr. Acula Interlude
18 Joni Mitchell: Car on a Hill

Fielded is playing the following Midwest dates:
24 Columbus @ CAT Science Neuromansion
26 Lexington @ Al’s Bar with Three-Legged Race
27 Louisville @ TBA
29 Chicago @ Permanent Records (early show, 6PM!)
30 Champaign-Urbana @ Error Records with Secular Edict and Slow Chapel
31 Carbondale, IL @ TBA