fin, "Heat (It covers everything)"

Post Author: Andre G

September is here. As the brisk pockets set in for many regions, take a figurative look back with “Heat (It covers everything),” the latest from UK-based synthpop group fin. The single relies on majestic, arpeg-like synths as the soundbed, properly channeling the feeling of warmth on your back as Yuto Uchino’s vocals float atop, reminding us the sun “covers everything.”
The 3-minute track is bereft of percussion for the first half, radiating a mesmerizing experience before breaking into hip-hop-influenced frums, including a thunderous kick. The group says that the track is a bout “energy which is around, everywhere or inside you,” which explains the immersive vibes. A shorter version of “Heat” was originally on the group’s Through the Deep EP, but has been extended to bring “a big world and reality” into the composition.
fin. is set to release their The Pale Blue/Afterglow vinyl tomorrow. You can stream “Heat” below.